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Coronado Springs

  • Coronado Springs

This 353,000 square foot convention and commercial center is located at the Walt Disney World Resort and is adjoined to a 2000 room hotel complex. Included in this convention center are 95000 square feet of ballrooms and an additional 25000 square feet of meeting rooms, a restaurant, a large food court area complete with kitchens, and a large convention hall kitchen capable of accommodating meals for 6000 people. This hotel resort and convention center is constructed to allow for a facility large enough to accommodate 6000 people without having to go to facilities outside the Walt Disney World Resort. Throughout the main ballroom, there are more than 4000 recessed light fixtures controlled by state-of-the-art dimming systems. This dimming system is comprised of seven large dimming racks located throughout the facility. These dimming racks can be controlled manually or through a DMX automation system located in AV booths throughout the building. I addition to this dimming system, there are 150 locations with audio/video patch panels capable of special scene setups to accommodate a variety of conventions. More than two dozen custom-made chandeliers and other specialty decorator fixtures supplement the standard lighting requirements. To support this project, a completely separate central energy plant had to be constructed. The central energy plant supporting the entire facility consists of four 3000A services, which feed an extensive downstream distribution system for both 480 277V and 120 208V systems, including 10 remote electrical rooms. Additionally, this facility is equipped with a 500KW emergency generator system. The meeting rooms are provided power from a 1000KVA transformer that distributes 120 208V power through a busway system to electrical bus plugs at the ballroom meeting rooms. IN addition to the extensive lighting and power systems, Regency Electric also provided the fire alarm system, security system, and audio visual system, all with the capability of supporting the additional needs of the remainder of the hotel complex. A complete lightning protection system, as well as a voice data system was incorporated into the facility. The project began in the fall of 1995 with a scheduled completion of June 1997. This completion date was met as scheduled, even though significant modifications were made to finish related items.