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Federal Express HQ

  • Federal Express HQ

The Federal Express project consisted of eight office buildings and the FXTV production studios. The site spans over 1 million square feet. The largest building includes the central heating and cooling plant, a 500-seat cafeteria, an auditorium, training classrooms, retail stores, a bank, beauty salon, spa, and a health club. All buildings are connected by climate-controlled walkways. Outward projecting exterior walls reveal the architect's image of an aircraft. Lighted exterior stairwells and interior direct lighting exposed through glass exterior walls show each building's sleek elegance. The site covers 89 acres, contains 19 species of trees, and has a wetland with cypress and an aerated pond situated between six buildings. A lighted runway bisects the center of the pond. Numerous security cameras monitor the site. Three hundred metal halide fixtures light more than 4000 parking spaces. Additionally, more than 200 landscape and step lights compliment the site and buildings.