Regency Electric Project Gallery


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Located on a 200-acre site, this project is a complete campus consisting of an 800,000 square foot Consolidated Training School (CTS) and nine bachelor enlisted quarters totaling 1,210,000 square feet. Also included are a 60,000 square foot galley, a medical and dental facility, an enlisted officers' club and a new central energy plant. The site work includes the primary electrical distribution system consisting of two 12,470V loop fed circuits in seven miles of duct bank, lighting for two baseball fields, roadway lighting fixtures, and pedestrian light fixtures. A complete voice and data system is distributed throughout the project via fiber optics and copper cable. Installed in each quadrant of the CTS building is a loop fed 12,470V pad mounted vacuum fault interrupter, two radial fed transformers, and e 480/277 volt, bus duct supplied, double ended switchboard. Two 100KW and one 500KW diesel engine driven generator provides back up service for emergency loads and egress lighting. "Regency Electric's critical role in this project cannot be overstated," says William Cooper, officer in charge of NAVFAC contracts. "Your professionalism set the watermark for all other trades. Regency Electric took an active role in proactively partnering with the customer and the architect/engineer to fully embrace a dynamic team approach to this project. Your active role in partnering on this project has paid great dividends to all members of the partnership."