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U.S. Federal Courthouse

  • U.S. Federal Courthouse

The new Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida is a fourteen-story building with a total of 458,000 square feet. This new facility includes seventeen courtrooms and incorporated structural design with blast-proof elements. This impressive facility is served by three 1500KVA transformers and three 3000 amp services. The project includes six switchboards, eighty panelboards, and twenty-nine transformers. A 1250 KW generator provides emergency power. The use of fine millwork and stone is lavish throughout the facility. The courtroom ceilings consist of architectural panels with integrated lighting. In addition to the courtrooms, the facility also includes prisoner holding cells and secure prisoner movement areas. Underground parking is controlled by the security system. Steel pop-up bollards are provided at all entrances to block access from unauthorized vehicles. A Class A Fire Alarm system and wiring zones were installed as a complete loop to detect if a wire is cut. A complete lighting control system was installed. Each floor has a dedicated control panel, all of which are tied together and wired to the main Security control console. From this station, the guard in command can control all of the lighting throughout the building.