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Orlando Regional Medical Center

  • Orlando Regional Medical Center

Working over a nine-year period, Orlando Regional Medical Center transformed into one of the largest and most modern healthcare facilities in central Florida. During the new and renovated construction, we maintained the facility's ability to continue daily operations. Phase 1 began with the addition of 17 state-of-the-art operating rooms, two open-heart surgical suites, 30 intensive care units, 20 critical care units, 10 radiology rooms, 2 cardiac labs, two CAT scan units, one micro-virology lab, a six-bed trauma unit, a 30-bed emergency suite, a cafeteria, a two-unit heliport with fuel farm, and a central energy plant. After completion of Phase 1, we were awarded Phase 2 and Phase 3 construction over the next five years. Phase 2 consisted of a 12-bed burn unit, 5 x-ray labs, 2 CT scan labs, one MRI lab, classrooms, an auditorium for the nursing school, and support offices. Phase 3 added 52 cardiac patient rooms and support facilities. Simultaneous to new construction was the floor-by-floor demolition and renovation of two eight-story patient wings. This included the construction of the central energy plant, equipped with three 4,000A primary services, three 1250KW emergency generators, a 790KW emergency generator, a parallel switchgear line-up capable of load shedding, and coordination of 20 reconditioned remote transfer switches of sizes up to 1200A, four 1200 ton chillers, a 1400 ton chiller, pumps and cooling towers. In addition to this electrical system upgrade, we provided new lighting/power, fire alarm, nurse call, television, intercom, code blue, and lightning protection systems in the new and remodeled areas of the hospital.