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VA Hospital Seismic Moderni

  • VA Hospital Seismic Moderni

In order to add 350,000 square feet to the VA Hospital, the existing hospital utilities were relocated and new service equipment was installed. An extensive plan was implemented to sectionalize distribution equipment in small sections to allow the hospital to remain in full operation throughout the power switchover. The work in and around the hospital included the installation of two new 750 KW generators, and new paralleling switchgear to work in concert with the two existing 750 KW generators and existing paralleling switchgear. The existing generators and paralleling gear were reconditioned and modified for the new paralleling scheme. The project also included providing the numerous systems required for a fully functioning hospital, such as: nurse call, nurse follower, headwall units, telephone, data security, audio/visual, fire alarm, and many others. The additions to the VA Hospital were completed in accordance with Seismic requirements for Memphis, Tenn.