Regency Electric Project Gallery



This is a multilevel building designed for the loading of Centaur payloads. The loading areas are clean areas designed to minimize contamination of the payloads. All electrical equipment and communication boxes are flush-mounted, stainless steel enclosures installed to minimize the collection of dust and simplify the cleaning of the area. Each level is fitted with retractable platforms that can be lowered from two locations for access to the Centaur Rocket. With the exception of the ground floor, the building is constructed of steel I-beams and stainless steel flooring. Walls and ceilings within the clean areas are also constructed of metal panels. Systems include fire alarm, communications, oxygen analyzation, grounding, lightning protection, power and lighting. Power and communications for the facility are provided by an extensive concrete-encased duct bank system with manholes for pulling and splicing. Primary power is derived from a 12.47 system supplying a 1500KVA double-ended substation and a 2000KVA single-ended substation with provisions for future expansion and connection of a temporary portable generator. Two 1000KVA generators housed separately from the main facility provide emergency power.