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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contracting

Regency Electric is a privately held corporation that has been providing commercial electrical service since 1979. At Regency Electric we know where our strengths lie, which is why we consistently complete quality projects on time and within budget.

For successful implementation of a project, everyone’s actions must be tied to it. Our team leaders form, facilitate, and manage our projects from conception to completion promoting quality improvement throughout.

Communication and teaching skills and technical competence are necessary for successful project completion. Regency personnel are trained and certified on a continuing basis. To ensure we maintain the highest standards of service we retain technically oriented individuals who are held in high regard by their peers. As a result, we maintain the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency in a company.

We make our customer relationships a priority and value the benefits of our long-term associations. We’ve developed strong relationships to deliver a wide range of products and a level of service and continuous customer support that sets us above our competitors. We are proud of the success of our clients whom we serve with utmost dedication and commitment.

Consider quality -- consider Regency.